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About Barb

Barb is a servant leader who spends her time developing programming that guides others to discover their passions, listen to their guiding voices, speak their truths, and continue to work to make their dreams come true. She accomplishes this with honest conversations, continued learning, leadership development, and grace.

As a survivor of a domestic violent relationship, Barb knows firsthand the power of support, encouragement, and hope. She works to give that to others – to empower them to make the changes they want and need to make and to live the life they dream of living.

A Wisconsin native, Barb followed her heart to North Carolina and has been married to her husband, Doug, for 16 years. They live in a house full of laughter, love and pet fur courtesy of their six rescue pets. Barb also enjoys gardening and woodworking. She is a John Maxwell certified life coach, speaker, trainer, and voracious reader.


  • Associate of Arts degree at Rowan-Cabarrus Community College

  • Bachelor’s in Communication from East Carolina University

  • Master’s in Leadership from Pfeiffer University.

Opportunities to Connect

Whether you're seeking inspirational speaking engagements, transformative leadership development, or personalized coaching sessions, Barb Meidl offers a wealth of experience and a compassionate approach to guiding you on your path to positive change. Barb is a certified life coach, speaker, trainer, and voracious reader. She combines her educational background, including a Master's in Leadership from Pfeiffer University, with her personal journey to provide a unique and impactful experience. Join Barb in creating a life full of laughter, love, and purpose – she's ready to help you realize your dreams.



Unleash the power within as Barb takes the stage, weaving her personal journey of resilience and triumph into a compelling narrative that inspires, motivates, and empowers audiences to embrace their true potential.

Leadership Development

Join Barb on a transformative journey of leadership development, where she leverages her extensive experience to guide individuals and teams towards cultivating authentic leadership skills that drive success and foster a culture of growth.

Individual Coaching Sessions

Experience personalized guidance and support in one-on-one coaching sessions. She combines her expertise with a compassionate approach to help navigate challenges, discover their passions, and create a roadmap for a fulfilling and purpose-driven life.

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